A Digital Agency with Unwavering Integrity

Your business challenges deserve custom solutions.

That’s who we are. Our digital agency is a versatile team of experienced strategists, designers and developers. We have an arsenal of digital marketing tools at our disposal, but we take care to use only the building blocks that make sense for your project.

Project Lifecycle - Raka

Much more than a clever name

Raka’s partners have worked together since 1999, before founding the company in 2004. The name of our agency was inspired by our nickname for our creative mentor in those early years, Stephen Rakaseder. Stephen lost a heroic battle with cancer and left his creative legacy to us. That legacy infuses all of the work on which we put our name and drives our quest for quality.

The Partners & the Office
Raka Clients

Experience with international brands, local companies and small start-ups

Raka works with some of the largest brands in the world, but we are always eager to help new and smaller businesses grow. Our hands-on, in-house experience includes custom web applications, inbound marketing, animations and mobile apps as well as website design and development.

Our team rocks.

We’ve carefully built our experienced team so we can handle (and have handled) any digital marketing challenge you may face. We’re real, down-to-earth people who have families and kids and life outside of work. But when we’re here, we work hard. We innovate. And we make your life easier.

Join our team.

Having fun is easy in such a great space. Raka’s expansive loft studio is on the top floor of a renovated former brewery. We empower our team with the tools and training they need to thrive. New Macs. The latest versions of Creative Suite. Herman Miller chairs. And yes, there’s a pool table.

We’re fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful, lively, happy places on earth: Portsmouth, NH. Interested in joining our team? We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Check out our client work if you’re interested and get in touch if you have the skills to keep up!

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