June 18, 2012

Digital Agency Raka Launches New Website For NH Liquor & Wine Outlets

We're very happy to announce that Raka launched a new website for the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets on June 1.

Website Design for NH Liquor and Wine Outlets

Raka provided original website architecture, user experience design (UX), website design and custom development in creating hundreds of pages on the updated site. Enhanced features of the updated NH Liquor & Wine Outlets website include an easy-to-use store locator, and a user-friendly product search tool. Raka also implemented design that reflects the NH Liquor & Wine Outlets more modern branding. As a digital agency based in NH, we feel privileged to have designed and developed the updated website for this iconic state organization so closely identified with the Granite state by visitors and residents alike.

The website's robust database search tool empowers users to find wine and spirits according to terms such as brand name or type of beverage, wine or spirit, domestic or imported, price, size, country information, special sales, best sellers, and more.

“Raka has created the website as an easy-to-use resource for shoppers, no matter their location,” said Raka Partner and Co-Founder Duncan Craig. “It is easy for visitors to find the store nearest them or their vacation spot. The site also lets shoppers easily find products they are looking for. These functions, coupled with the updated branding and design, make this website a sales and marketing piece, a customer service tool, and a strong branding presence. Working with the NH Liquor Commission has been a pleasure.”

Raka architected and developed the site to allow staff of the NH Liquor & Wine Outlets the ability to update the site using a content management system (CMS).

“Featured product changes, adding new pages to the site, and other updates and edits are simple,” said Raka Partner and Co-Founder Zang Garside. “The flexibility of this website CMS was a key project goal and we’re happy to have had the experience of working with the NH Liquor Commission.”

About the New Hampshire Liquor Commission New Hampshire is one of 18 control states in the nation, where the government controls the distribution of alcoholic beverages as well as being responsible for the regulation of alcoholic beverages. The NHLC operates 77 retail locations throughout the Granite state and serves more than 9 million customers each year. More than $2 billion in net profits has been raised since the first store opened in 1934. NHLC is expecting to net an additional $1 billion for the state in the next eight years.

About Raka An award-winning digital agency firm in the Northeast, Raka provides website design and development web application development, mobile application development, animation, motion design, and social media marketing services from downtown Portsmouth, NH. The digital marketing firm’s clients include Timberland, Liberty Mutual, The Music Hall, Microsoft, Whole Foods, Sports Illustrated, Pinnacle Vodka, and Margaritas among others. For more information, visit and follow Raka on Twitter and Facebook.

Download the official press release here.