August 31, 2012

@Nineballrider Rides into the Sunset: A Raka Intern’s Story

As the summer draws to a close, so has my internship at Raka. Spending my first summer in Portsmouth working at a digital agency was not only a fun introduction to life in the New Hampshire Seacoast Area, but also a great way to gain hands-on experience as I enter my final year of college.


When I first stepped into Raka’s studio (the old one at 30 Penhallow), I knew immediately I had found a place I would love to work.

The quiet focus of the office displayed a strong work ethic, while the Wii Buckhunter controllers dispelled any notion that this was an “all work and no play” type of workplace.

After going through the application and interview process, I was extended the exciting offer of a social media marketing internship for the summer! As a Marketing student with a concentration in creative media management, the opportunity to intern at a digital agency like Raka was a welcome alternative to waiting tables or stocking shelves for the summer.

My responsibilities at Raka could be considered somewhat symbolic of the agency’s hardworking, yet fun and engaging personality. Some days I would work on drafting copy for our website or proofreading documents, while other times I would be staging lighthearted reenactments of photos from the 2012 Summer Olympics.

An unexpected benefit from my internship experience was the wealth of knowledge I accumulated through sharing news and information via Raka's Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. Through the process of curating content for Raka’s social media channels, I learned all about best practices for SEO, web design, business management, and a variety of others topics very relevant to my area of study.

With my summer vacation ending and my final year of college started, I am happy to have spent the past few months doing what I love and working in a field relevant to my (future) degree. Although my internship is over, I’ll look forward to keeping in touch with the great people at Raka (via social media, of course) and the rest of Portsmouth’s talented business and multimedia community.

Written by John Desmond, 2012 Raka social media intern, scooper of ice cream at Portsmouth's Kilwins, and marketing major at Champlain College in Vermont. John spent the summer as Raka's social media intern, helping our digital agency and clients share stories through social media. We'll miss him and urge you to follow him on Twitter: @nineballrider.