April 23, 2012

Project Management, Web Development and Social Media Marketing - Raka Expands Again With New Members

Raka has been growing again - this time adding our first senior project manager, our first director of social strategy, and a new web developer.

Their arrivals push our website design agency staff to 13 full-time members. (Whew, we're going to need a bigger boat!)

We're happy to welcome Senior Project Manager Danielle Levy, formerly of nSight; Web Developer Kris Combs; and Director of Social Strategy Brian DeKoning. Brian and Kris both came to Raka from Vital Design.

Danielle is a certified project management professional (PMP). Her previous experience also includes creative staffing agency Digital People, as well as Boston agencies Zentropy and Hill Holiday.

Kris has more than 12 years of development and design experience and joined Raka after being director of web development at Vital. He was also a lead graphic designer and developer for Miranda Creative in Connecticut.

Brian's agency experience includes leading Vital in social media strategy and business development. He also has a background as a journalist for New Hampshire media outlets. Want to learn more? Just click here to read about our new team members.