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The University of New Hampshire School of Law is a relatively new entity. It evolved from Franklin Pierce Law School in 2010. School representatives were in the midst of this branding transition when they began working with Raka to create a new website that would serve as the school’s primary marketing tool. The site would need to be editable through a content management system (CMS) to accommodate the school’s marketing staff. Marketing goals included building a brand as a respected law school option in New England by publishing regular updates to showcase the school’s vibrant community and achievements.

Responsive website development allows the site to display consistently across devices. The responsive user interface design is logical and effective whether visitors interact with it through mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or large desktop displays. Raka determined early on that we needed to plan and build a responsive website that would present a large amount of information to serve the distinct audiences for the school, regardless of what devices they used to access the site. A responsive architecture would create a consistent user experience for all visitors. It would also potentially provide the school a website that could be “future-proof” (at least for a while) in that it will work consistently as technology develops and users (particularly college-age prospective students) increasingly shift to mobile devices.

Presenting a vibrant, respectable brand was crucial for the project so this responsive site also needed to be designed with classic elements that echoed the UNH parent brand while being flexible enough to accommodate different screen dimensions. The site also features a customized content management system built on the Expression Engine platform. This allows UNH’s relatively small marketing staff to make updates quickly and consistently.

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