How You Just Got The Flu – an Infographic to Help Explain Your Misery

There’s nothing worse than getting the flu in 2013. If you’ve already gotten the flu this year, we’re so, so sorry, and we urge you to get plenty of fluids and rest and not infect anyone else.

U.S. officials are calling this the worst flu season in a decade and this year’s version of influenza is now widespread in almost every state in America. If you’re like many of the people who have already contracted the flu, you’re probably wondering, “Why? Why me!?!”

Don’t worry, your friends at digital agency Raka are here to help. We’ve created this handy infographic (an exceptional example of viral marketing) to help you understand just how it is that you are now feeling so horrible. We can’t cure the disease for you, but we can increase your knowledge of it, which is basically the second most useful thing aside from us being doctors, and we’re not quite ready to go back to school for that just yet. Enjoy and share it with your friends.

How Did You Get The Flu

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