Raka Expanding To A New Space!

We are happy to announce that Raka is expanding to a new studio space here in Portsmouth to accommodate the growing size of our digital agency! It feels good to type those words.

As of June 1, you can find us in our new design studio – complete with some fun new amenities and expanded meeting and conference rooms at 125 Brewery Lane in Portsmouth, right down the street from the heart of the downtown and some of our favorite shops and restaurants on nearby Islington Street.

It’s just a mile from the current location of our digital agency and we’ve created a handy animated route to show you how easy it is to find us. Hey, animation is one of the things we do, in case you weren’t aware!

The new Raka digital studio includes more square footage, dedicated free parking, a new billiards table, and an unlimited magic beer tap. Ok, we made that last one up (sadly) but the new space is the site of the former Frank Jones Brewery. We’ll let you know if we find any forgotten recipes hidden in the walls of our new space. Play our animation below and keep an eye out for our studio-warming party later this summer!