The Only Holiday GIF(t) Guide You Need This Year (Or Any Year Ever)

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This holiday season you don’t want to miss our free digital marketing gift bundle, bursting with four of our best tools to help take your marketing to the next level.

But if you thought we’d stop there, you don’t know us very well. We Rakafarians like to give until it hurts, and with this post some of us came very close to, not dying, but at least being mortally wounded by laughter (Feel better, Leigh!).

Introducing our Ultimate Holiday GIF(t) Guide: 13 of our favorite GIFs handpicked just for you.

That’s right, we spent at least two billable hours scouring for the work-inspired animations that made us laugh the hardest. Our hope is to give you the only GIFs you’ll need to get through the holiday season, no matter how jolly or unjolly they may be. They’re relatable, they’re totally suitable for work, and (mostly) inoffensive. How’s that for a Christmas miracle?

Narrowing the list down was extremely difficult. But as that one commercial says, you’re worth it. So without further ado….

Warning: Do not drink and unicycle

“When your client sends a bottle of wine for the holidays.” – Dave, Inbound Content Writer/Client Manager

The you-know-what killer

“When you spend literally hours crafting the perfect blog post and your boss or client says it ‘needs more.'” – Kelly, Inbound Content Writer/Client Manager

You said that 17 changes ago

“When a client says, ‘Just one more little change.'” – JP, Developer

Don’t even bother to get back up

“Sending out your holiday email with a typo in it.” – Dave

Come at me, Snow

“When someone questions your strategy, but all your KPIs are up big.” – Ryan, Project Manager


“When you draw #2 in the office holiday Yankee Swap.” – Mary, Inbound Content Writer/Client Manager

It’s the little things

“When a client sends you feedback on their dev site.” – Aaron, Developer

It’s not unusual to be loved by analytics

“When all the metrics are green and the arrows point up.” – Amahl, Director of Inbound Marketing

HOW many working days left in the month?

“Directly following receipt of your deliverables list the week before Christmas.” – Kris, Developer

No real pants for ME this week

“When your only in-person meeting scheduled during the WFH week between Christmas and New Year’s is canceled.” – Mary

I know when that Yuletide bling

“When a co-worker makes an amazing Christmas playlist to put you in the holiday mood.” – Kevin, Lead Developer

But after a few hours…

“Same coworker, after hearing you complain about ‘Last Christmas’ playing on loop.” – Team effort

Ya sorry, I can’t

“When you get email requests at 4:30 p.m. the Friday before Christmas.” – Leigh, Art Director

We hope this post helps get you through the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! 


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