Raka Is Excited to Unveil the New Music Hall Website

Music Hall website launch

The Music Hall is one of Portsmouth’s cultural gems, an institution that has stood in the city’s vibrant downtown for 140 years. Locals and visitors alike watch national acts, regional performances, and films there throughout the year, and it remains one of the most prominent gathering places for Seacoast residents.

In recent years, The Music Hall has also developed a second location called The Loft just across Congress Street in the city’s downtown, developed a new marquee, restored and reimagined its historic interior, and worked with the city on the Chestnut Streetscape project that improved pedestrian access and added a beautiful arch. With all those changes, it’s no surprise that the iconic theater found themselves looking for an update to a website that was over five years old.

Raka has been fortunate enough to be a sponsor and partner for The Music Hall for much of our 14-year history, and we were honored to be selected to produce a comprehensive online marketing strategy, design and develop the new site, and ultimately launch it. We worked closely with The Music Hall’s talented team to create a site that was easy to update and compelling for visitors.

The result? As of last week, The Music Hall has a new website, one that showcases the venues, shows, and community outreach that makes it a special place.

“We are so thankful for Raka for their design, advice, and collaboration on this new and improved website. Raka worked within our guidelines and needs, and helped make this website even more usable for all!” The Music Hall’s Brittany Wason wrote.

The new site is designed to be more bold and vibrant in color and function than what came before, and to make it simpler for The Music Hall’s thousands of visitors and supporters to navigate. Raka sought to create a site that would stay modern and easy-to-use for years to come, even as user habits and technologies evolve.

“The Seacoast of New Hampshire, and Portsmouth, in particular, have a vibrant art scene that is nationally recognized for its effects on culture and the local economy,” Raka Partner Duncan Craig said. “The Music Hall is a thriving hub that pulls it all together here, and we were proud to give them a strategy and website that will help this institution continue to grow and provide the diverse art that sustains our creative community.”

Be sure to check out the new Music Hall website and buy a ticket to a show in this beautiful theater. If you like the website, and you’re interested in a free audit to see how your online marketing and website stack up against the competition, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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