Bookkeeper / Office Manager (Part-Time)

We are looking for a part-time bookkeeper who will also serve as an office manager. If you’re the right person, here are the criteria:

  • You have significant experience with QuickBooks (QuickBooks Online is a plus)
  • You are comfortable learning new systems
  • You are extremely well-organized
  • You take pride in a well-run office
  • You’re fun and easy-going but driven and willing to go the extra mile on a job

You will be able to take our finances, which are well documented and tracked, and continue the trend we have set, while offering any suggestions in terms of improvements or streamlining. We will expect you to handle accounts payable and accounts receivable management (including client invoicing and collections), bookkeeping entries, credit card and bank account reconciliation, closing the books on a monthly and quarterly basis, preparation of financial reporting and analysis, expense tracking and reporting, and special projects as assigned.

The most important part of the financial aspect of the job is accounts payable and accounts receivable management. You will work with our management team to invoice work as it is completed and track work that remains to be invoiced, as well as following up on unpaid invoices.

This position will also include office management duties such as travel booking (infrequently), operations research, maintaining and ordering supplies and some light administrative support such as meeting preparation, receiving packages and other tasks as assigned.

We anticipate this position being one where you will be in the office in Portsmouth, working with our team and getting to understand how we work. It will be part-time to start, with the possibility of a full-time position at a later date.

Previous experience and education are great, and we’d like to know about all of it, but it’s not everything to us. Prove that you’re a fun person with a strong skill set as described above and the job is (probably) yours.