Marketing Producer

Raka is looking for a contributing member of our inbound marketing team. In this role, you’ll work under the direction of our director and marketing strategists to help clients exceed business goals. This is a great fit for someone who has worked as an inbound marketing specialist.

Please get in touch if this sounds like you. Or the future you.

Raka is a digital agency focused on inbound marketing. We work with clients in long-term partnerships to define their online marketing strategies and then help them exceed their goals.

Good candidates for this position have up to two years of experience in online marketing, a positive attitude, a willingness to take direction and work on a team, and like to learn new skills such as SEO, conversion optimization, or email marketing.

This may be a good fit for you if you learn things quickly, take responsibility for your workload, and you are ok with working in an office, which sometimes requires staring at a computer for a long time. Our inbound department has a few levels of seniority including director, senior marketing strategist, marketing strategist, and marketing producer. We also have interns.

Our marketing producers generally contribute in four areas. It’s great if you have experience in all of these, but ok if your experience includes just one of these areas. The first is writing copy and social media engagement. The second is managing HubSpot for our clients. The third is providing SEO. The fourth is contributing to our digital advertising team. You may be a good fit for all of these niches, or a combination.

People who have success in this role like to write (but you’ll be doing more than just writing). You know how to research a new topic and you may have worked in or studied journalism, public relations, or another role where writing was an important part. You have a working knowledge of inbound marketing and you understand the importance of planning content to help people figure things out and get answers.

At Raka, our senior marketing strategists lead online marketing strategy for our clients. You’ll help execute their plans by writing content valuable to our clients’ audiences that is optimized for search and social sharing. You may manage an editorial calendar, come up with smart content ideas to help our clients achieve their marketing goals, or write messages to bring that content to social media.

Our team is sarcastic, experienced, and amusingly opinionated. You should be ambitious and the kind of person who would not get kicked off the island first. You are not a pain in the ass but you have your own ideas.

We play cornhole and pool in the office. We do a quarterly master chef competition. We go to HubSpot’s Inbound Conference every year and we have flexible working hours. Raka is a fun place to work but we are also serious and committed. We work with Fortune 500 brands as well as smaller companies, start-ups, and government entities. The team at Raka includes mostly experienced people so you’ll learn a lot but you’ll also have the freedom to explore and try new tactics and implement your ideas.

You should apply for this job if you are certified for Inbound Marketing or HubSpot Software. Other applicable experience includes implementing inbound marketing best practices using Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, or a similar marketing automation tool, or a combination of cheaper tools such as WordPress, MailChimp, Sproutsocial, Hootsuite, Unbounce, Leadpages, or other great tools like those.

You’ve worked for an agency, or on the client-side (corporation) as a marketing specialist, or you’re the person in marketing who figured out inbound first and now you’re ready to do it full-time.

Desirable skills

  • You can write and edit blog posts and other content for companies so that people can find them on Google (SEO copywriting)
  • You know how to use social media for business
  • You can create and manage an editorial calendar
  • You can make food once every three months that the rest of us will want to eat
  • You set realistic deadlines and you hit them and you can communicate in advance if you can’t hit them
  • Please include links to your writing samples, or upload them as .PDFs in the form below if you have them

Desirable certifications/life experience

  • You’ve worked in a professional setting such as an office
  • Google Analytics and/or Google Ads Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • You have a blog or have written for one regularly
  • You use social media regularly
  • You’ve organized an event, fundraiser, company, or other effort that requires working with people and figuring out stuff yourself
  • You’ve failed at something and you now understand why

This is a full-time position with some cool perks

  • Flexible hours, so you can sleep in a bit, run in the daylight, or get to the dentist
  • Snacks to keep you fueled all day (or night) long
  • A fun atmosphere that includes actual swings
  • Gym membership, though we’ll never force you to do group workouts
  • Cornhole, Nintendo, a pool table, and beer taps—these are a few of our favorite things
  • Health benefits, 401(k) options, and other important things adults like
  • A brand new office space built that includes a rooftop deck and custom kitchen
  • Lunch on Raka every Friday
  • Our team has been known to bake fresh bread, cookies and pie in the middle of the day for no reason whatsoever

Skills you have a strong chance of building in this role

  • Ability to communicate to clients and coworkers professionally and politely
  • A mastery of SEO and inbound marketing
  • Ability to use content management systems to manage websites and email marketing
  • Ability to plan your schedule and balance priorities
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising campaign management
  • Planning online marketing strategies