WordPress Developer

We need a WordPress developer. If you’re the right person, here are the criteria:

  • You have experience at a digital agency, interactive studio or perhaps as part of an internal team at a large company
  • You’re fun and easy-going but driven and willing to go the extra mile on a job
  • Your knowledge of building sites in HTML and CSS transcends mere syntactical understanding
  • You are extremely comfortable with Javascript, using Jquery as well as native JS to speed development and make sites pop
  • You have at least two years of recent experience creating WordPress-driven websites
  • You are throughly familiar with SEO best practices as they affect development of websites and applications
  • Experience integrating Hubspot, Salesforce.com and other third party systems is a definite plus

If you think you’ll fit in here, great. But we don’t just want you to fit in, we want you to expand our capabilities and our thinking. We want you to come to the table with a different way to get the job done, or a new technology that you may not know but will figure out overnight, or a programming solution that might not have occurred to us.

Your previous experience and education are great, and we’d like to know about all of it, but it’s not everything to us. Prove that you’re a fun person with an incredible skill set as described above and the job is (probably) yours.