Branding, Identity & Print Design

Branding, Identity & Print Design

Raka helps with company and product branding, logos, tag lines, print collateral and other identity work. Need an identity refresh?

Does your company’s logo reflect its unique value proposition? Are your marketing assets getting the right message across and carrying through the ideas behind your brand?

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to understand how your brand is really perceived. At Raka, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes to help them put their best foot forward in all aspects of their marketing, starting with their identity.

First, we’ll analyze your brand presence, from your website and your social media accounts to your print assets and marketing collateral, and make suggestions to help you present a unified brand identity that’s all your own. Then we’ll provide support wherever you need it, whether that’s logo design, product positioning, messaging, or graphic assets.

Whether you’re looking for a complete branding overhaul, assistance with a new product launch campaign, or print collateral for a trade show, the team of branding and identity experts at Raka can bring your vision to life.