Our unwavering design integrity makes this both a serious and a fun place to collaborate.
At the intersection of design and digital, we work hard to push boundaries. But we also enjoy life.

Interested in a position?

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Having fun is easy to do in such a great space.

Raka’s expansive loft studio is on the top floor of a renovated former brewery.
We empower our team with the tools and training they need to thrive. New Macs. New
versions of Creative Suite. Herman Miller chairs. Did we mention a pool table?

  • Discussing world domination.
  • Lulu, clearly sunbathing.
  • @dekoning teaching the crew about #inbound
  • What is it? Go!
  • Sometimes, birds visit us at work. Thankfully he didn't use our skylight as a restroom.
  • We're all adults here.
  • We all need inspiration at one point or another. We've picked our 10 favorite design blogs you should be checking out. Read about them here:
  • Happy #4thOfJuly from all of us at Raka! #America

Our studio’s in one of the Northeast’s coolest small cities: Portsmouth, NH.

Also known as the e-Coast, this mini Silicon Valley has arguably the highest assemblage of
digital creative talent per square foot anywhere outside of California or New York.

  • Celebratory #Raka10 lunch at Surf!
  • It's our 10th birthday! Here's to 10 more great years. #Raka10
  • A developer and his dog. #rakalunch Fridays!
  • Happy Friday from all of us at Raka! We hope you all have an awesome weekend.
  • We can't exactly say who @dekoning is talking to. But, we can say that it rhymes with LOTUS.
  • Sometimes it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Check out our latest blog post ( to find out how to fix the biggest mistake in content writing: poor formatting!
  • Rain sucks. Burritos & beer do not!
  • "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself."

It’s not hard to see why great companies locate here.

Portsmouth is a historic seaport both established and evolving.
Portsmouth boasts one of the highest per-capita concentrations of restaurants and bars in the nation.
It is a thriving community and culture. Just a short drive to mountain skiing and close enough to beaches that you can go surfing after work. Like music? Portsmouth’s got a band playing every night.
And if that’s not enough, it’s just 45 minutes’ drive to Boston or Portland, Maine.
Why wouldn’t you live here?

  • Today's Raka lunch was from The Works. Hope everyone has a nice Friday!
  • Nothing like the smell of fresh business cards.
  • Two angels, bearing confectionary delights, descended upon us this afternoon. #cupcakes! Thanks Audrey and Courtney from @seapoint_digital!
  • One of these shirts is not like the other... Friday lunch and matching wardrobe for @amahlmajack and @_leighs_!
  • Raka fact: We have the tallest CTO in New England, Zang Garside.
  • Bottle cap catcher. #agencylife #redhook #humpday #beer
  • Today, Raka had a cook-off. But this wasn't just a normal cook-off. It was a BACON cook-off. One of the greatest ideas we've ever had. If you need us, we'll all be napping at our desks in 20 minutes.

We’re selective but always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

That’s one reason we create some of the highest-quality work in our industry.
Check out our client work if you’re interested. Can you keep up?

  • In celebration of Matt's birthday on Saturday, we were treated to these little concoctions. Chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, toffee, and Kahlúa. Yes.
  • A resident #RakaDog. Because dogs make everything better!
  • Friday afternoons at Raka. #TeamFortress2
  • @dekoning Is hogging all of the sunlight.
  • We got some nice thank you letters from the #PortsmouthNH Middle School today! You guys rock.
  • Who else was up late watching the #Bruins win Game 4? This will be needed today. #JetFuel
  • Happy (belated) birthday to the craziest cat lady this side of the Mississippi, @amahlmajack!
  • Friday is #rakalunch day!
Thank you #Googies. #grindahs and #chowdah
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