Our unwavering design integrity makes this both a serious and a fun place to collaborate.
At the intersection of design and digital, we work hard to push boundaries. But we also enjoy life.

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Having fun is easy to do in such a great space.

Raka’s expansive loft studio is on the top floor of a renovated former brewery.
We empower our team with the tools and training they need to thrive. New Macs. New
versions of Creative Suite. Herman Miller chairs. Did we mention a pool table?

  • Happy (belated) birthday to the craziest cat lady this side of the Mississippi, @amahlmajack!
  • Friday is #rakalunch day!
Thank you #Googies. #grindahs and #chowdah
  • @bonobos? We're fans. This sticker graces one our partners' office doors. Any guesses who? #instapants #bonobos #style #leisure #thenewdresscode
  • If anyone can find the weather we had yesterday, let us know...
  • Happy Monday. #breakingbad #instabad #heisenberg #ricin #coffee
  • Matt wins best shirt of the year! #sriracha #roostersauce #hotsauce #agencylife #nh #instagood #portsmouthNH #excessivehashtags
  • We're on the radio today. Thanks so much for having us in to talk, @nhbrandproject! #NHeconomy #NH #branding #socialmedia
  • We had some visitors from #Portsmouth Middle School! Don't they look thrilled?

Our studio’s in one of the Northeast’s coolest small cities: Portsmouth, NH.

Also known as the e-Coast, this mini Silicon Valley has arguably the highest assemblage of
digital creative talent per square foot anywhere outside of California or New York.

  • Well, well, well. Looks like #Portsmouth got a visit from @karlthefog today.
  • We may be in meetings, but it's Friday. AND it's the Sox opener this afternoon. Life is good.
  • Guard dog: Check.
  • Duncan and Dan visiting @barackobama yesterday. #redsox #boston #jonnygomes #portsmouth #newengland
  • Hey Girl.
  • Friday is lunch on Raka day! #danholdingcourt
  • It's on the wall. #agencylife

It’s not hard to see why great companies locate here.

Portsmouth is a historic seaport both established and evolving.
Portsmouth boasts one of the highest per-capita concentrations of restaurants and bars in the nation.
It is a thriving community and culture. Just a short drive to mountain skiing and close enough to beaches that you can go surfing after work. Like music? Portsmouth’s got a band playing every night.
And if that’s not enough, it’s just 45 minutes’ drive to Boston or Portland, Maine.
Why wouldn’t you live here?

  • Day 8: GROWTH!
  • #stpaddys
  • Day 1.
  • Day 1: Gnome takes a pre-seeding bath. Name, TBD
  • Noah's official endorsement. Boom! CC @evabstyle @danielmarino
  • Help prevent the spread of HTML. Wrap that text, people. Full story:
  • #rakaquote: "I brought in five boxes of Samoas from home because I could not control my gluttonous impulses. Enjoy everyone!"
  • Thanks for stopping by, @theellenshow! The cold pizza was delicious. #oscars

We’re selective but always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

That’s one reason we create some of the highest-quality work in our industry.
Check out our client work if you’re interested. Can you keep up?

  • You're looking at the latest #RakaCooks winner, Mr. @dekoning! The winning dish was a Tuscan white bean soup.
  • What's really in Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Why...
  • Smoothies from @johannavoss on this snowy Friday. Delicious! | Spinach, blueberries, almond milk, chia seeds, PB, a little protein powder, and maca powder.
  • Stay safe out there!
  • View from the office. #Portsmouth #NewHampshire #nofilter #sunset
  • @dekoning Explains It All
  • In this digital age, news is coming at us faster than ever before. What can inbound marketers learn from journalists? Head over to the Raka Blog to find out!
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