Meet Our Team

If you like working with smart, talented people who take pride in their work, you'll love partnering with Raka. We're creative professionals who like what we do and work hard for our clients. It's really that simple.
team-DMarino-hover@3x Dan Marino
Dan Marino Partner
Duncan Craig Duncan Craig
Duncan Craig Partner
Zang Garside Zang Garside
Zang Garside Partner
Brian DeKoning Brian DeKoning
Brian DeKoning Partner
Hannah Paterson with Chloe Hannah Paterson
Hannah Paterson Director of Operations
Chris Hislop Chris Hislop
Chris Hislop Director of Content
Chris Conant Chris Conant
Chris Conant Director of Strategy
Whitney Hathcock Whitney Hathcock
Whitney Hathcock Senior Marketing Strategist
team-sessember-hover@3x Sara Essember
Sara Essember Marketing Strategist
Brittany Givens Brittany Givens
Brittany Givens Marketing Producer
team-aypsilantis-hover team-aypsilantis
Alex Ypsilantis Marketing Technologist
Mary Pouliot Mary Pouliot
Mary Pouliot HubSpot Accreditation and Onboarding Manager
Leigh Spader Leigh Spader
Leigh Spader Creative Director
Egann Roberge Egann Roberge
Egann Roberge Designer
Aaron M. Thomas Aaron M. Thomas
Aaron M. Thomas Director of Application Development
team-bchu-hover-new@3x Brian Chu
Brian Chu Developer
Matt Jalbert Matt Jalbert
Matt Jalbert Developer
James Hannan James Hannan
James Hannan Developer
Jordan Feeney Jordan Feeney
Jordan Feeney Director of Client Services
Kendra Harris Kendra Harris
Kendra Harris Project Manager
Julia Paltrineri Julia Paltrineri
Julia Paltrineri Project Manager

All that and more

We're strategists, designers, web developers, writers, marketers, and advertisers. We're also parents, wives, husbands, pet owners, book lovers, musicians, runners, and amateur chefs. We aren't defined by one thing, and we know you aren't either.
1/3 Creative

Other stuff we like


Phil Collins

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Witty Banter

90s Hip Hop

Street Fighter



Coffee & Tea

Lil's Crullers


Beer (and Cider)

Nerf Guns



Friday Lunch as a Team

Dog vs Cat
Blue vs Red Doritos
iPhone vs Android
Coffee vs Tea
Hotdogs: Sandwiches or Nah?
Beatles vs Rolling Stones

Enough small talk

If you really want to get to know us, get in touch! Tell us about your goals, and we'll give you honest plans about what you can do to reach them and how we can help. We've got more than a decade of experience and—as you can see—a multifaceted team with a wide range of knowledge and expertise. We use all of that, and more, to help our clients succeed.

Work with us

Whether your company needs a long-term partner or a short-term project, Raka is a digital agency that can provide everything from strategy and copywriting to design and development to monthly support and reporting.

Working at Raka

When it comes to hiring, it’s all about finding the right fit. We're looking for skilled, hardworking people who thrive in a team environment and are ready to bring fresh ideas to the table. Sound like you?