A Digital Agency You'll Consider a Business Partner

Your company’s unique business challenges deserve custom solutions and that’s what Raka offers. One of the ways you’ll see that difference is in how much work we put into your strategy before we start any design or programming for you. You’ll see it in how we measure success, and how we hold ourselves accountable for results.

Raka is a smart, versatile team of professionals in inbound marketing, development, and design. We’ve won awards. We’re a cool place to work. We’ve grown and added capabilities and more great people over the years. But we really judge our performance on just one thing: our clients’ success. Helping you hit your business goals–which are usually increased revenue and growth–is how we know if we’ve done our job. Simply put: we succeed when you succeed.

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Raka is one of our premier HubSpot Partner agencies, and they embody the idea that being helpful marketers means being helpful humans. Raka gets amazing results for their clients with this approach and we’re proud to have them as HubSpot Partners.

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This is Raka.

Raka (we say it like "rah-kah") is a digital agency operating in Portsmouth, NH, since 2004. Our founding partners named the agency after their creative mentor, Stephen Rakaseder, who passed away too soon. We strive to ensure that Stephen’s creative legacy is honored through everything we do.


What do we do?

As a comprehensive digital agency, Raka works with companies and organizations to help define business challenges, set realistic, measurable goals, and then chart a workable strategy with tools and tactics customized to your situation. We’ve worked with large, well-established brands, local businesses, non-profits, and innovative start-ups alike.

Our team’s collective experience and expertise encompass everything from inbound and digital marketing tactics to web design, development, branding, advertising, video, and animation, and we expand on that knowledge daily. Not to brag, but we’re kind of awesome. Our best results come when we work with a small marketing team within a larger organization to achieve big goals. We’re here to work with your marketing team, not to replace them.


Our team rocks

Raka is full of passionate, creative people who take pride in what they do. We work hard. We innovate. We see opportunities where others see roadblocks. We also crack terrible jokes, tell stories, and have families, hobbies, and lives outside of work. We think all of that combined makes us a blast to work with. Because let's be honest: if we collaborate, we're going to spend a lot of time together. You should spend that time with an agency you like.

Teamwork (n): the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

Work with us

Whether your company needs a long-term partner or a short-term project, Raka is a digital agency that can provide everything from strategy and copywriting to design and development to monthly support and reporting.

Working at Raka

When it comes to hiring, it’s all about finding the right fit. We're looking for skilled, hardworking people who thrive in a team environment and are ready to bring fresh ideas to the table. Sound like you?