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We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our tremendous team. Sure, we’re selective, but that’s why we create some of the highest-quality work in our industry. If you think you can keep up, then keep reading.

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Why Raka?

Whenever we ask interview candidates why they want to work Raka, the answer is the same: "It sounds like a fun place to work." While it 100% most definitely is a fun place to work, there are plenty of other reasons why people come to—and stay at—Raka. Here’s what our employees have to say.

Raka is a great place to foster your own career growth as part of a supportive, fun-loving family. Every day is equally interesting and challenging with all of the work we do for our clients. Also, we have all the sandwich debates you can handle. I’ve never felt more at home than I do at Raka.
Aaron M. Thomas, Director of Application Development
A few of my favorite things about working at Raka are the awesome office, flexibility with working remotely, the office dogs, and of course, the people! Everyone is so positive, professional and supportive. Working at Raka is like hanging out with friends.
Leigh Spader, Creative Director
Raka is a breath of fresh air when it comes to company culture. My favorite part about working here is growing with a group of kind, supportive people who are as multifaceted as the work we do. The best part? It’s not always just about work! Raka’s got the secret sauce that makes you want to stay a little longer, just to catch up.
Kendra Harris, Project Manager
What sets working at Raka apart from other agencies is the people. The focus on company culture supports strong working relationships with co-workers and makes collaboration that much more enjoyable.
Jordan Feeney, Director of Client Services
Raka is definitely an agency that promotes growth with a fun and supportive team behind it. From the flexible hybrid schedules, dogs in the office, and the knowledge I obtain, I’m glad to be at Raka. It’s always exciting to do something different everyday and collaborate with people who you have a great camaraderie with.
Egann Roberge, Associate Designer

We’ve got perks

Work/Life Balance

We offer flexible hours and a hybrid model that lets you work from home or the office whenever you want. Choose the block of time and work location that fits the flow of your day.

Better than Unlimited PTO

Take time off when you need it. We mean it! We call it Flexible PTO (others call it “Unlimited” PTO). There’s no set limit, but we insist you try to take at least 12 days off each year. We’re all responsible adults and capable of deciding when we need to rest and recharge. We also observe most federal holidays.

Health Benefits

We want our team and their families to be healthy. Raka provides great health, dental, vision, and disability insurance with 100% fully-paid premiums for the employee (and at least 50% for dependents).

Parental Leave

Get paid parental leave to spend quality time with the new addition(s) to your family!


Collaborative Environment

Our team environment values ideas and supports personal and team growth. We thrive on creativity and want you to bring all your ideas to the table—no matter how big or small!

Retirement Planning

Raka offers a 401(k) with company matching up to 4% of your salary, getting you closer to your well-earned retirement. 

Great Location

The Raka office is close to downtown Portsmouth with easy parking, has a rooftop deck, sit-stand desks, and lots of cool spaces to move around and work in. There’s even a swing! 

Office Pups

We always have dogs hanging in the office and guarding us all against evil FedEx delivery people (who are really quite nice).

Stocked Kitchen

We have both healthy and less healthy snacks (if you consider goldfish unhealthy), coffee, seltzer, beer, and more. No matter your Doritos preference–Team Red, Team Blue, or the insurgent Team Purple–all have a place in the Raka kitchen. There’s also hot sauce galore to test the limits of your tastebuds! (No pressure.)

thanksgiving feast

Team Lunch

We take food seriously at Raka. We bring in lunch every Friday so we can enjoy a meal together as a team. Everyone gets the opportunity to pick the restaurant, but make sure you choose wisely! We also do quarterly potluck lunches where we learn who the true master chefs are. (The office pups strategically place themselves in an attempt to help judge.)

Outside of team lunch, Raka has its own (full) kitchen stadium, enabling all in the office to build out the breakfast, lunch, or snack of their dreams. We’ve got it all, from all the amenities of home, to all the greatest kitchen gadgets money can buy (including a hot dog maker that cooks both the dog(s) and the bun(s) simultaneously)! 


Cornhole, nerf guns, darts, a pool table, and trivia next door at Liar’s Bench: these are a few of our favorite things. 

Working at Raka

When it comes to hiring, it’s all about finding the right fit. We're looking for skilled, hardworking people who thrive in a team environment and are ready to bring fresh ideas to the table. Sound like you?