Website designers and developers should also be creative artists.

At Raka, we're both and our interactive marketing services help our clients tell their stories quickly and beautifully – on brand, on time, and on budget.

As a digital agency in NH, Raka works in all digital media. We do much of our work as website designers and developers. But we also provide web applications, animation & motion designs, content marketing, and social media marketing. Our services are focused but deep and we pride ourselves on being capable in both technical programming and in design.

Website And Applications

Website Design & Development

Raka’s award-winning website design and development includes inspired, brand-consistent design and robust functionality. We’ll knock your socks off with how it looks, but we also have the development know-how to make it work flawlessly. Our web services are focused but extremely deep, including e-commerce, interactive micro-sites, complex database programming, content management systems, and media libraries. In short, there is nothing we can not develop and we’ve done it for some of the nation’s most recognizable brands.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

Raka’s process of user interface (UI) design – website, software, or application – makes it easier for your end user to understand your message and your product. We’ve redesigned existing desktop software interfaces to be more modern or friendly. We’ve designed icon packages to simplify the meanings of online actions. We’ve designed brand new online applications that rival the power of enterprise software.

Examples of Work

Motion Design

Motion Design & Interactive Presentations

Sometimes the best way to tell your story is visually through animation and motion. Raka can shake it with the best of ‘em. Our services include interactive presentations, trade show loops, rich-media banner ads, and video presentations with post-production effects. It’s all within Raka’s capabilities. Tell us your story and we’ll get it moving.

Examples of Work

CMS And Ecommerce Integration

CMS & E-commerce Integration

Raka’s experienced developers provide integration of custom or third-party content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce packages. Raka’s team works with you to plan your CMS or e-commerce solution, then builds it to spec, providing you with intuitive dashboards to manage your content. Our team will also train your staff and support your long-term success.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing in today’s business environment can not be discounted. It’s a way your brand can tell its story and how you can connect with your customers, supporters and critics. Raka provides social strategy, design and programming to brand social accounts, social campaigns, monitoring & reporting, website integration of social activity, retainer social media services including blogging and content creation. Our social media marketing services are implemented with consideration for search engine optimization, consistent branding, and realistic resource allocation.

Examples of Work

Branding And Print Design

Branding & Print Design

Raka has worked with companies across a range of industries to create and enhance branding. Our experienced designers and strategists work with your company’s marketing team to apply new branding across all touch points – print or digital. Our creative agency follows a repeatable, proven process to help your organization tell its story effectively and accurately through taglines, key messaging, visual communication or interactive digital properties.

Examples of Work

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Wondering why your website isn’t showing up on Google? Raka’s search engine optimization (SEO) team can help. Offering a broad range of inbound marketing and more traditional on-site SEO, Raka can help you plan website updates to target certain keywords, help plan your blog posts or news releases to generate search results, or simply optimize your existing metadata and on-page content.

Examples of Work

Raka’s Process

It’s called M.A.D.E. (We know, every agency has a silly acronym for their process.) But we really use this and we’ve refined it over a decade of work because even before Raka the digital agency was born, the partners worked together. Our M.A.D.E. process has helped Raka produce websites and other interactive pieces that have no common look. Each piece we create is tailored to our clients’ brands and goals. Want to know more about it? Contact Raka and we’ll be happy to share more.

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