HubSpot for Sales and Marketing: Transforming a Cybersecurity Staffing and SaaS Firm’s Digital Marketing Infrastructure for More Leads and Clearer Processes

By Chris Hislop October 13, 2023


CyberSN is an innovative cybersecurity staffing and SaaS firm specializing in connecting cybersecurity professionals with the companies who need them (and vice versa). CyberSN sought out Raka as an established HubSpot partner to address some of their key business challenges around sales and marketing.


The top priority for CyberSN was to increase the efficiency of their sales operations and tackle the disconnect between their marketing and sales teams. CyberSN had an inconsistent sales process, and individual team members had frequently adopted their own processes to conduct their work. There was no pipeline to manage deals. Consequently, revenue forecasting was impossible, and leads were slipping through the cracks. With everyone operating with individual systems, management found it difficult to track the team’s progress. 

Another key area where Raka helped CyberSN was in focusing their content marketing strategy. At the onset, CyberSN produced content irregularly, without any concerted strategic planning. CyberSN wanted to raise its profile and bolster online discovery through organic search results by solving prospective clients’ problems better than other cybersecurity staffing firms. 

The last major piece of the puzzle for CyberSN was to improve the manageability of their website. When Raka first came onto the account, their website was scattered and lacked logical user flows that made it easy for visitors to navigate relevant content and conversion opportunities. It was also hard to manage the existing CMS, which needed a better connection with their CRM. 

Ultimately what CyberSN needed was harmony between their marketing and sales team, the digital tools they were using, and the type of leads they were netting.

The solution

1. Implemented HubSpot Sales Enterprise

We started this effort by helping them document their sales process and converting it into logical steps within their HubSpot deal pipeline to increase the efficiency of their operation while reducing manual data entry from sales reps. Once the pipeline was set up, Raka worked with CyberSN’s sales managers to help them amplify their team’s adoption of HubSpot Sales, which enabled them to scale exponentially faster than going it alone. In the end, they received a concise, custom sales pipeline, intelligent lead scoring system, calendar integrations for setting up meetings, and specialized reporting dashboards that serve management the metrics that matter most.

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Once onboarded and comfortable with HubSpot, we: 

2. Focused on their inbound marketing strategy

To support their marketing efforts, Raka completely revolutionized how CyberSN approached content production. We began by providing keyword research on industry-related terms to identify topic focuses for blog posts. Then, using that research, we developed a strategic content calendar that specified topics, titles, publishing dates, keyword focus, and the buyer persona each post catered to. We even facilitated a connection between their marketing and sales team to discuss topics that arose in sales calls that the marketing team could exploit as posts to help other potential clients. Rather than creating content opportunistically, this strategic approach dramatically helped CyberSN grow their organic search traffic while being much more helpful to the personas landing on their posts.

The last step in our journey with CyberSN was:

3. Revamped their website with HubSpot’s CMS

CyberSN desired an all-in-one system that simplified their operation and took full advantage of all the marketing and sales tools at their disposal. To bring this to fruition, we converted their website from WordPress to HubSpot’s CMS. This gave their team the ability to set up blog posts, create new website pages, automate nurturing campaigns, manage sales opportunities, update landing pages, and curate reporting all within one solution.

During this transition, Raka recognized the need to redesign CyberSN’s website to enhance SEO and help them communicate what they do in a more digestible manner. Efforts focused on revamping the homepage to better showcase company offerings and give users multiple pathways into the site based on their needs. We also helped update their service pages with keyword-rich content answering many questions users brought up in sales consultations. To create the optimal pathing for site users to follow, we designed compelling and visually attractive HubSpot CTAs to keep users engaged and offer clear paths to conversion opportunities. 

The results

Between implementing HubSpot Sales Enterprise, a transformed approach to content marketing, increased cohesion across departments, and a new, lead-generation optimized website built on HubSpot CMS, CyberSN operates much differently now. 

CyberSN HubSpot results

One year after the beginning of our engagement, CyberSN experienced a 123% increase in overall website traffic and a 189% increase in organic traffic year over year. This increase in organic traffic to the website also influenced a huge increase in lead generation, which was up 171% year over year

While the outward, quantifiable results are positive, the biggest win for CyberSN can be attributed to the enhancement of internal processes. Their team was concerned about putting all their eggs in one basket at the start. However, with guidance, they’ve transformed into HubSpot experts in their disciplines, and are now advocates of the software and its capabilities. By having CyberSN oversee their entire process—marketing, sales, web development—their team members manage their digital assets, communications, and reporting more efficiently, with fewer headaches. The one thing we keep hearing is, “You made my job so much easier,” and that was the most impactful result of all. 


“Raka transformed our entire digital process. At the outset of our engagement, CyberSN’s sales and marketing processes were individualized and, as such, inconsistent. It was hard to forecast a week ahead and challenging to plot for future growth. Our work with Raka has enabled us to understand our pipelines effectively and efficiently. Additionally, CyberSN has been recognized as a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry through our robust content cultivation efforts, which are strategic in nature and the fuel to this entire engine. Not only is the process working for our internal teams, but it’s also backed by hard numbers that show it’s working for our Job Seekers and Talent Seekers  as well.” – Mark Aiello, President of CyberSN

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