A Digital Marketing Infrastructure for a Global Brand’s New Product

Bose is a universally recognized audio company that normally wouldn’t have much trouble releasing a new product. But what happens when that new product isn’t designed for Bose’s typical customer, but has to attract a new audience? Bose partnered with Raka to define audiences, how to reach them, and generate leads and sales for the Bose Ride.

Year over year results


Delivered a 56% increase in leads from the website


Generated 1,216% more landing page submissions.


Boosted organic web traffic 217%.


Increased traffic from social media by 374%.


Helped to increase visits from organic (non-branded) keywords by 49%.

Results included a drastic increase in search visibility, leads, and sales. These metrics exceeded expectations and allowed Bose to significantly raise the product’s profile and market share within the industry enough to sell it, which was one of their main goals at the outset of the project.

We then went on to work with several other divisions of Bose, including digital marketing for consumer products, UX/UI design for software, and HubSpot implementations. Raka and Bose have built a lasting relationship on trust and results.

How we did it

Bose developed the Bose Ride System, a product line of seats for long-haul trucks that used similar technology to their noise cancelation equipment, which was utilized to cancel out the bumps and waves in a road. Their unique challenge was being a non-audio division of an extremely well-known audio company. Few people knew about Bose Ride or understood its value; thus, they needed help creating the framework and messaging to create awareness with the product’s target audience.

First, we started with the client’s goals

The task at hand was to leverage the beneficial components of an inbound marketing strategy to address Bose Ride’s goals of growing brand awareness, generating leads online, dispelling inaccurate perceptions of their new product line, and nurturing prospects.

  1. Drive traffic to their website through organic search.
  2. Generate sales-qualified leads through their website.
  3. Create a better understanding of the unique product line.
  4. Raise the profile of the division enough to make it attractive for acquisition through product awareness building.

Then we strategized

Understanding and documenting the niche audiences Bose needed to reach, Raka planned a content marketing strategy that included a product website built on HubSpot’s platform, utilizing Marketing Hub Pro for marketing automation tools. Raka’s SEO-friendly content, coupled with advertising campaigns social media, helped attract leads to the Bose Ride site. Once there, visitors found experiences tailored to their challenges, whether they were individual drivers, fleet managers, or engineers planning how to use the Bose Ride product in truck manufacturers such as Peterbilt, Volvo and Mack, or Kenworth.

  • Defined buyer personas and tailored messaging to solve their challenges.

    Raka worked with the Bose Ride team to establish a few key buyer personas that became the people we were trying to attract. The persona challenges became the basis of content strategy. Among the persona documentation Raka create were the key challenges each group faces and common questions they ask.

  • Designed and developed a new website on HubSpot to promote the product.

    Bose Ride needed its own, simple website to continue to publish targeted content. Raka designed and developed a stand-alone website on HubSpot CMS, which put Bose Ride in a strong position to enter inbound marketing successfully. This piece of the project enabled Bose Ride to realize short-term goals of lead generation and brand awareness successfully.

  • Integrated HubSpot’s marketing automation tools into Bose’s tech stack.

    Raka worked with the Bose Ride team to incorporate HubSpot’s robust marketing automation tools as a functional element of their sales operations. We set them up with smart lists and automated workflows that triggered lead nurturing opportunities through strategically placed CTAs throughout their website. Further, we wrote and set up a collective of automated email templates that would be delivered based on where a particular lead was in their sales process. Automated sales notifications were also implemented to keep internal communications running smoothly when prospects engaged with the site.

  • Launched comprehensive search and social media advertising campaigns.

    To bolster the effectiveness of the new website and the content being produced to get the word out on the Bose Ride product, Raka initiated an ongoing targeted search and social media ad campaigns that worked to serve the messaging to a very specific network of prospective customers.

Here is some of the work we created for Bose


“Raka was fantastic in collaborating with my enterprise IT department to help the development of a brand new website using the HubSpot platform. Beyond the initial website build, they have and continue to provide a high degree of consultative expertise and collaborative support on all things around inbound marketing, including persona development, content writing, SEO, email campaigns, and social media management. If you want an agency who is there for you and highly skilled in HubSpot inbound marketing, I would recommend Raka – they are a delight to work with!”

Victoria Vavrinec, Marketing Manager for Bose Ride

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