Increased Conversions and Web Traffic Led to a Huge Boost in Sales

C&J Bus Lines is a transportation business that provides first-class service. The company prides itself on being more than a bus line that simply gets customers from point A to point B. They want the experience from purchasing a ticket, to boarding your bus, to arriving safely at your destination to be top-notch, so folks keep talking about their ride long after they’ve reached their destination. Thus, they desired to ramp up their digital presence and general online marketing initiatives to solidify their brand in the spaces current, and future customers engage with. Initially, C&J enlisted Raka to design and build a new website with a seamless, responsive ticketing system; now, we work together as long-term partners for lead generation, HubSpot management, and more.

Year over year results


Increase in FAQ pageviews to streamline customer service.


Increase in conversions on NYC bus ads online.


Average increase in traffic.


Increase in landing page submissions.

How we did it

Working as an extension of C&J’s marketing team, Raka helped elevate C&J’s recognizable regional brand through compelling design, smart UX, targeted campaigns, and engaging video content. We were able to design and develop a website that seamlessly ties in a ticketing experience and leverages new company-forward stories (told by employees and customers alike). Raka has become a trusted partner for C&J, working in concert with their marketing team to engage customers through campaigns that show the inviting, fun, and effortless travel C&J offers. Since the site overhaul launch, C&J has experienced significant marketing return on investment.

First, we started with the client’s goals

C&J Bus Lines is head-and-shoulders above the competition, and had lofty goals to keep them growing into the future. Here are some of note:

  1. Grow ridership through content campaigns.
  2. Streamline the user experience for purchasing tickets.
  3. Showcase the brand’s character and strengths online.
  4. Bring their exceptional customer service experience to the internet
  5. Expand awareness of what differentiates C&J from their competition.

Next, we strategized

To accomplish these goals, we dove into a complete strategy that analyzed competitors, nailed down buyer personas, and identified SMART goals for us to reach. During this strategy, we identified the following tactics:
  • Build a new website with superior design and UX.

    Raka set out to build a new website that was as inviting as C&J’s fleet itself. The goal was to create a site that included a seamless, responsive ticketing process, logically structured navigation that is as easy to understand (and find desired applicable content) as riding the buses themselves. And, finally, the site needed to showcase C&J’s personality and exceptional customer service through an array of custom-designed pages and video testimonials aimed at delighting its audience.
  • Implement HubSpot

    Raka Implemented Hubspot for tracking, analytics, inbound marketing efforts, service tickets, and more. Part of the goal here was for C&J and Raka to better understand the way C&J users were engaging with the website. With HubSpot, C&J could more effectively communicate with their target audience, better serve their loyal riders, and make improvements to the overall user experience by having insight into how users were navigating and using each page
  • Leverage Video

    Raka used video to build brand awareness and trust by showcasing happy riders and the team behind C&J’s success. Video has become one of the most effective ways to engage a potential customer; thus, leveraging this medium with C&J was a no-brainer. We also worked with C&J to create video tours of their buses to further highlight their superior service.
  • Inbound Marketing

    We used a combination of inbound marketing, content strategy, social media marketing, and paid advertising to build awareness of the services, routes, and first-class experience of the ride. A bolstered content stream was strategized to reach current and future customers alike. Because why have a fresh new site if you’re not bringing in the right crowd to enjoy it?

Here is some of the work we created for C&J

website on tablet
digital ad
mobile ticket
digital ad
map infographic
digital ad

“Raka has been our marketing partner for the last several years. They’ve helped translate our goals into action, and then worked with us to reach and exceed those goals. They always have new, outside the box ideas and solutions for us to help utilize our HubSpot software to our fullest potential. Their team is creative, knowledgable, collaborative, and super easy to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business using online marketing or if you’re in the market for an amazing website design.”

Bridgette Santos, Director of Marketing

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