Aligning the Sales and Marketing Teams to Get Results

This innovative cybersecurity staffing firm specializes in connecting cybersecurity pros with the companies who need them (and vice versa). CyberSN sought out Raka as an established HubSpot partner, and beginning in 2019, Raka helped implement HubSpot and digital marketing within CyberSN’s business framework, aimed at reaching aggressive growth goals.

The results


Increase in website traffic in two quarters with a 28% increase in organic search traffic.


Increase in total ranking keywords.


Increase in traffic from email marketing.


Increase in leads.


Increase in conversions on landing pages.


Established operational policies and processes for HubSpot Sales and Marketing use.

How we did it

The first step in our journey with CyberSN was to help them document their sales process and set up the framework within HubSpot’s deal pipeline tool to increase the efficiency of their operation while reducing manual data entry demands on sales reps. Once their sales team was onboarded and comfortable with HubSpot, we shifted our focus to their inbound marketing strategy. To support their marketing efforts, we developed a strategic content calendar and collaborated on content writing of keyword-rich blog posts optimized for high-value terms relevant to their core personas. We also overhauled their website and moved it onto HubSpot’s CMS, specifically focusing on improving user experience and conversion pathing. Since implementing these key tactics, CyberSN has seen tremendous improvements in search engine visibility, lead generation, and website traffic. The client also experienced reduced friction within their internal processes and benefited from the enhanced understanding and coherence between their marketing and sales teams.

First, we started with the client’s goals

CyberSN wanted to raise its profile and gain awareness on how it solves prospective clients’ problems better than other staffing firms. The company was looking for ways to capture more leads and increase conversions with its unmatched expertise. Here are some of note:

  1. Increase website traffic.
  2. Increase brand awareness.
  3. Grow email subscribers.
  4. Increase social media followers and engagement.
  5. Improve conversion rates.
  6. Get more leads.

Next, we strategized

Getting a targeted audience to visit the CyberSN website via SEO to understand its advantage over the competition was crucial, as was aligning buyer personas, goals, and the sales process to fine-tune lead nurturing. In order to do this, here are some tactics we identified:
  • Convert website from WordPress to HubSpot CMS

    CyberSN desired an all-in-one system that simplified their operation and took full advantage of all the marketing and sales tools at their disposal. To make this dream come to fruition, we decided to convert their website from WordPress to the HubSpot CMS. This gave their team the ability to set up blog posts, create new website pages, automate nurturing campaigns, manage sales opportunities, and curate reporting, all within one software solution.
  • Improved website design and UX

    Raka recognized the need to redesign CyberSN’s website to enhance SEO and help them communicate what they do in a more digestible manner. Efforts were focused on revamping the homepage to better showcase their company offerings and give users multiple pathways into the site based on their needs. We also helped them update their service pages with valuable keyword-rich content that answered many of the questions users had brought up in sales consultations. Finally, to bleed it all together and create the optimal pathing for site users to follow, we designed compelling and visually attractive CTAs that keep the user engaged and designate clear paths to conversion opportunities.
  • Implement HubSpot Sales Enterprise

    Raka worked with CyberSN’s sales managers to help them amplify their team’s adoption of HubSpot Sales Hub and enabled them to scale exponentially faster than if they were on our own. Raka trained, mentored, and tutored CyberSN within each aspect of HubSpot Sales and streamlined their implementation project through significant knowledge transfer. We advised on the tool set up and took the time-consuming and expensive foundational work off their plate to focus on utilizing HubSpot for their marketing and sales efforts. In the end, they received a concise and custom sales pipeline, intelligent lead scoring system, calendar integrations for setting up meetings, and specialized reporting dashboards that serve management the metrics that matter most.
  • Transformed email marketing approach

    In order to encourage opt-ins, better nurture current and potential customers, and streamline their internal process, we advised CyberSN to stop using paid lists and instead improve upon the foundation of their email marketing efforts. To tackle this initiative, we designed and built new HubSpot email templates for various email types that made it easy for marketers to edit, personalize, and send to segmented lists. We also leveraged HubSpot automation to run more targeted nurturing campaigns based on buyer personas and lifecycle stages. Finally, we added a new monthly newsletter to their repertoire that highlights their expertise and shares helpful content to keep their audience engaged.
  • Improved landing pages

    In order to boost conversions, Raka designed and built HubSpot landing pages that incorporated best UX practices and were optimized for lead generation. To improve user experience after form submissions, we also created the framework with HubSpot workflows to provide appropriate follow-up messages with the resources users submitted for, and other helpful content.
  • Content marketing

    Raka completely revolutionized how CyberSN approached content production. To start, we provided keyword research on industry-related terms to identify good topic focuses for blog posts. Using that research, we then collaborated with CyberSN’s marketing team on a content calendar that specified topics, titles, publishing dates, keyword focus, and the buyer persona each post should be catered to. Rather than creating content on a whim, this strategic approach dramatically helped CyberSN grow their organic search traffic by meeting while being much more helpful to the personas that landed on their posts.
  • Social media marketing

    To bolster CyberSN’s social media presence, we created new eye-catching social media designs that helped them stand out on busy social feeds. We also implemented consistent, on-brand social media messaging to provide value to target audiences in conjunction with content marketing campaigns. These efforts helped CyberSN significantly expand its following and social engagement rates over the course of our engagement.

Here is some of the work we created for CyberSN


"Raka is one of the best firms I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They are patient, smart, creative, accommodating; and everyone I have met and who has helped me is of high quality. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.”

Mark Aiello, CyberSN

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