Inbound Marketing Resources

Tools to Make You a Better Inbound Marketer

Raka does inbound marketing. All. Day. Long. (And many nights.) So, why not use the tools we use ourselves to help you manage your online marketing efforts. From templates and spreadsheets to guides and dictionaries, we’ve compiled our most useful inbound marketing resources and templates to help you master your marketing.

  • Inbound Marketing Dictionary

    Essential Inbound Marketing Definitions

    Sure, you know what a blog is, but what about an XML sitemap? Download our inbound marketing definitions as one handy dictionary and prepare to become your team’s master of inbound terms!

    Download Inbound Marketing Dictionary
  • Buyer Persona Template

    Buyer Persona Template

    Start creating the right content for the right audience by mapping out your buyer personas with this easy-to-use template. Not only will it help you plan blog posts and content offers, but it’s designed by a professional digital agency accustomed to working with big, famous brands. That means you can even use it to create a document for your organization and your boss will think you you worked super hard to make it look so cool.

    Buyer Persona Template
  • Digital Marketing Budget Template

    Digital Marketing Budget Template

    Not sure where to start with your digital marketing budget? Download our super easy-to-use spreadsheet template that does most of the work for you and start planning your spend.

    Digital Marketing Budget Template
  • Content Planning Template

    Content Planning Template

    Give your buyer personas exactly the content the want, wherever they are in your marketing funnel, with our free content planning template.

    Content Planning Template
  • LinkedIn Company Page Guide

    Guide to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page

    Is your LinkedIn Company Page up to snuff? This guide walks you through the process of setting up an effective page, with helpful tips straight from the experts at LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn Company Page Guide
  • Get Found Online White Paper

    How to Make Sure Your Content Gets Found and Shared: White Paper

    Download our SEO white paper and learn how to choose your best keywords, how to optimize your blog posts, how metadata affects social media, and how to create content search engines love.

    Get Found Online White Paper
  • Best Time to Tweet or Post to Facebook

    Best Time to Tweet or Post to Facebook Infographic

    When should you post that? This high-resolution infographic shows you best times to tweet or post to Facebook if you’re looking for click-throughs.

    Best Time to Tweet or Post to Facebook