Raka's Interview and Onboarding Process

Interview process

  • First interview

    Congratulations, you’ve made it to the first interview! We’ve reviewed your resume and were interested in learning more about you. You’ll meet with the Director of Operations as well as the managing supervisor(s) via a 30-minute Zoom video call.
  • Second interview

    You’ve made a great first impression and we’d like for you to meet the department you’ll be joining via a second 30-minute Zoom video call. As you’ll work most closely with these team members, we’ll use this as an opportunity for both you and the team to ask specific questions about the role, day-to-day responsibilities, and qualifications, as well as just generally getting to know each other better.
  • Third interview

    The final stage of the interview process consists of a 30-minute Zoom video call with the management team. You’ll get a sense of the Raka leadership and the culture we foster.

    References and work samples

    During the interview process, Raka will request a few references that we can ask about your previous roles. We may also request work samples. If so, please include the most relevant examples that best showcase your skills.
  • Offer letter

    If, after getting to know you during the interview process, we think you would be a great fit for Raka and the role, and we believe Raka would be the right place for you to start a new chapter in your career, we will send you an offer letter. The letter will outline your job expectations, reporting supervisor, starting salary, and provide an overview of the benefits offered. You’ll receive the offer letter digitally via BambooHR, our hiring and personnel record system.
  • Hired!

    Congratulations, you made it! We’re thrilled to have you join our team and we look forward to working with you.


You’re officially part of the Raka team and are anxiously awaiting your first day! Once you’ve signed the offer letter, the Director of Operations will reach out to you for initial information, share details about your first day, and provide you with our non-disclosure/non-solicitation agreement. As you’ll be working closely with Raka and our clients, confidentiality is of the utmost importance.


Your first day has arrived and the team is welcoming you with open arms! Your first few weeks are busy but exciting.
Here are a few things you can expect:



You’ll meet the team! You’ll have the opportunity to meet with each member of the team in what we call “meet-and-greets”. You’ll get to know everyone right from the start so that you have a good foundational relationship prior to working directly with them.

Education and training

You’ll get started on training! As a HubSpot partner, obtaining the required HubSpot certifications during your first 90 days will provide bedrock skills necessary to work on projects. You’ll also work with team members in your department for hands-on learning.

Background knowledge

You’ll get to know our clients! With information in both Confluence and Teamwork, our project management system, there is an endless supply of background knowledge to help you quickly get up to speed on our clients and how we work with them.

Process documentation

You’ll learn how Raka works! Raka spends a great deal of time and effort (on an ongoing basis) on process documentation. You’ll spend time reviewing Confluence, our internal documentation system, to learn the ins and outs of all the Raka processes.