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PlaneSense is a private flight company that offers fractional aircraft ownership to its shareholders. They rely on Raka for digital advertising management, content strategy and creation, website development and design, video production, HubSpot management, search engine optimization, and sales support services.

Year over year results


Organic traffic increased by 90%.


Ranked organic keywords increased 122%; Keywords ranking in the top 3 increased by 10%.


Branded searches increased 69%.


Impressions for “Fractional Ownership” searches increased 81%.


Leads increased 177%.

How we did it

As one of the leading fractional aircraft ownership providers in the country, PlaneSense needed a digital presence that exemplified its powerful brand and communicated to potential shareowners the benefits of fractional ownership over other private flight options. To help them accomplish this goal, Raka provided a comprehensive content and search engine optimization strategy to enhance the organic visibility of their website and attract more visitors. To better serve the increased traffic observed on their website, we also updated their site with a sleek, responsive design focused on user experience and lead generation. All of these efforts were further supported through targeted advertising campaigns implemented across multiple mediums. Since partnering with Raka, PlaneSense has significantly boosted organic site traffic, lead generation, and advertising return on investment.

We started with client goals

The private aviation industry is extremely competitive. PlaneSense wanted a marketing partner to create a website, boost their organic presence, and leverage advertising campaigns and conversion optimization tactics to generate more leads. Here are some of the specifics:

  1. Increase organic traffic.
  2. Drive more leads from search marketing and search engine optimization.
  3. Improve website performance.
  4. Make the concept of fractional ownership more accessible.

Next, we strategized

Using polished web design and video, we focused on targeted ad campaigns and new content to answer the questions people searching for private flights were asking. Some tactics we identified were:
  • Ongoing website audit and optimization

    Raka took on a comprehensive audit of PlaneSense’s website to identify opportunities to optimize existing website content for high-value organic search terms core to their business. Through strategic updates to metadata, page structure, and linking strategy, we were able to drastically increase the search visibility of PlaneSense’s most important website pages.
  • Paid Advertising

    Raka used paid media to expand brand awareness and educate users about fractional ownership. We also created HTML5 and video ads to support these initiatives.
  • Content Creation

    In collaboration with PlaneSense’s marketing team, we conducted exhaustive keyword research and created a strategic content calendar based on keywords with high search volume and relevance to their service offerings. To support an optimal posting cadence, our team splits content writing responsibilities and helps review any posts produced by PlaneSense to ensure they are well optimized for search. We also equip each blog with a custom, visually appealing call to action to convert organic leads.
  • Improved landing pages

    As part of our HubSpot onboarding efforts, we designed and built conversion-optimized landing pages to support advertising efforts and increase website lead volume. Each page was outfitted with appropriate visuals, informative copy, and user-friendly forms that quickly delivered visitors the assets they desired and funneled their contact information into PlaneSense’s database of contacts. The key objective of this effort was to make it easy for the PlaneSense team to navigate, edit, and update these pages on a whim.
  • Video

    To educate PlaneSense’s target audience on the fractional ownership model, Raka created animated videos to utilize on their website and social channels. Each clip was created to easily be cut into smaller sections to share in various settings, such as follow-ups to individual sales conversations. We also created several non-animated videos to support their digital needs, with each clip conducted, filmed, and edited in an interview style. Lastly, to show off their impeccable fleet of Pilatus aircraft, we created 360° videos of the inside of their planes to give viewers a full digital tour experience.

Here is some of the work we created for PlaneSense

ad on phone
youtube video
digital advertisment
website on laptop
landing page
digital advertisment

“Raka has transformed our approach to digital marketing and advertising. We’re consistently impressed with their drive and resourcefulness in helping our business generate higher-quality leads. Their team is knowledgeable, proficient, and has a great sense of humor, to boot. They are truly an ideal partner for our business.”

Dave Verani, PlaneSense

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