Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Reach your audience where they need you, when they need you.

Digital advertising is about opportunity; inventory is the word we use when talking about ads. Digital ads are everywhere you are, which means that they’re also everywhere that your customers are, which means that there’s an incredible opportunity to use them to engage a new audience, or to re-engage your existing consumer base. Our focus is on using advertising to supplement our clients’ other marketing efforts, boosting their presence in search, increasing their reach on social media, and growing their audience via display ads.

How do we do it? With a phased approach that allows brands to scale up their advertising efforts at a rate that they’re comfortable with, beginning with research and fueled by measurement and optimization.


Our research begins with looking at client’s brands and site’s past performance; we then look at keyword trends and audience responsiveness on social platforms. We consider the most current trends in advertising to determine which channels and tactics will be the most beneficial for our client’s brands, and then we act.

Since all of our development, design, and strategy is done in-house, we’re able to ramp up quickly and pivot on an almost as-needed basis to ensure that funds are being spent effectively and that your goals are being reached efficiently.


While each of our strategies is custom, we take a phased approach to launching new ad channels. We start by testing messaging in search ads, then roll the results of those tests into display ads, where we test colors and creatives. Following that, we incorporate the winners of those tests as we test the messaging and creative against different audiences in social media.

Following those foundational tests, we continue to tweak messaging, testing landing pages, content offers, and other assets. As the advertising campaign picks up steam, we introduce more technically advanced methods such as programmatic buying, geofencing, and feed retargeting.

Measurement and Optimization

Our reporting is completely custom and focuses on our client’s target metrics. Every day, we’re engaging with performance numbers and exploring industry trends, combining our industry expertise with cutting-edge trends to help your brand stay ahead of your competition.

Digital Advertising Channels

Depending on our clients’ needs and our established KPIs, we’ll employ some, or all, of the digital advertising techniques listed below:

  • Search Engine Marketing: text-based ads that appear on search results pages, this tactic can be used to for audience expansion, lead generation/sales, and competitive targeting
  • Display Marketing: digital advertising which involves visual creatives; traditionally banner ads, video, and graphics
  • Feed Retargeting: the use of technology to target users who have previously viewed a product with that same product on other sites that they visit
  • Mobile Marketing: beacons and other technologies are used to geo-locate users and serve them relevant ads based upon their location
  • Product Listing Ads: search ads that display products based upon a user’s search query
  • Programmatic Buying: the use of software to purchase digital advertising; in this case, typically refers to display media
  • Retargeting: targeting users who have previously visited your site via the use of cookies and customized ad creative
  • Rich Media: interactive creative that encourages users to engage with the advertisement itself