HubSpot Product Updates: Leads, Customer Journey Analytics, and More

By Raka November 28, 2023

HubSpot continues to pioneer advancements in business technology, introducing a range of innovative features set to transform the way businesses operate. From refinements to their customer journey reporting capabilities to their new Leads object, HubSpot remains an industry leader, consistently raising the bar. Let’s explore some of their most recent product enhancements.

Sales Hub

Leads Object

HubSpot has introduced a new object: Leads. This addition is poised to revolutionize how sales teams manage their prospecting and qualification efforts, catering to both inbound and outbound demand generation within the HubSpot platform.

The leads will be managed from dedicated tabs within the prospecting workspace, offering an organized and efficient way to oversee potential customers. However, it’s crucial to understand that ‘Leads’ are not intended to replace ‘Contacts’. Instead, they serve as supplementary objects, similar to ‘Deals’ or ‘Tasks’, which can be associated with existing contact and/or company records. This association provides an enhanced layer of management, allowing sales teams to link leads with specific contacts or companies for more streamlined tracking of prospective business opportunities.

*This object is available to Sales Hub Pro+ customers with an assigned Sales Seat

To learn more about the Leads object, check out this Knowledge Base article.

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Marketing Hub

Instagram First Comment

The new ‘First Comment Support’ feature enhances your Instagram posting strategy. Now, not only can you schedule your Instagram posts, but also the first comment that accompanies them.

A well-crafted Instagram post relies on a compelling caption and pertinent hashtags. However, with space being limited, it can be challenging to include everything you want to say. This is where the ‘First Comment’ feature comes in handy.

By scheduling the first comment, marketers can directly interact with their audience, fostering better engagement. It provides an additional space to include more hashtags, which can significantly expand your reach on Instagram.

*This feature is available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers

Customer Journey Analytics Campaign Filtering

Customer journey Analytics has now been upgraded with the inclusion of a campaign filter. This new feature allows marketers to focus specifically on touchpoints originating from a selected campaign, making their analysis more precise and targeted.

For instance, if you wish to analyze only the page views, form submissions, and email clicks related to a specific campaign, you can do so by selecting that campaign in the event filter while creating your report.

This feature equips marketers with a more granular view of their campaign performance. It offers valuable insights into customer interactions, helping marketers understand which campaign strategies are working best and where there is room for improvement.

*This feature is available to Marketing Enterprise customers only

To learn more, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Sales + Service Hub

Lead Form Routing

HubSpot has released lead form routing to meetings, designed to simplify and enhance your meeting booking procedures. This latest update is set to revolutionize the way your teams manage appointments.

Gone are the days of generic redirects! With this feature, you can now utilize the data collected via your forms to personalize the visitor’s journey. It enables you to steer them towards the most suitable meeting link based on their specific needs.

This tool is particularly beneficial for sales and service teams as it allows for a more tailored approach to customer interactions. It ensures that potential leads are directed to the right team member or service representative, thereby increasing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

*This feature is available to Sales and Service Hub Enterprise customers

To learn more, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Revolutionizing Your Business Operations with HubSpot and Raka

These latest additions are a testament to HubSpot’s unwavering dedication to equipping businesses with the necessary tools for success. From refining marketing strategies to streamlining sales operations, HubSpot is ceaselessly innovating to cater to the evolving needs of contemporary businesses.

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