HubSpot Product Updates: What’s New in the Month of May 2023

By Whitney Hathcock October 13, 2023

As a leading provider of marketing, sales, and service software, HubSpot is constantly innovating and releasing new features to help its customers grow. In this post, we’ll highlight HubSpot product updates in Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs from May 2023 that will help take your business to the next level.

Marketing Hub

Approvals for sending marketing emails

This new feature allows marketers to streamline their workflows by requesting approval from designated team members before sending a marketing email. Administrators can also specify who in their account has permission to send emails without prior authorization.

This feature enables marketers to ensure that all emails align with brand messaging and comply with legal requirements. This is especially important for larger organizations where multiple teams are involved in email marketing campaigns.

Another key benefit of this feature is that it helps streamline the approval process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. Instead of manually sending emails back and forth between team members, marketers can now easily submit emails for review with just a few clicks. This not only saves time but also helps ensure that all team members are on the same page regarding email marketing campaigns.

To learn more about how to implement this, you can visit the HubSpot Knowledge Base.

Note: this feature is available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customers only.

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Sales Hub

Dedicated prospecting workspace

HubSpot has recently released a dedicated prospecting workspace that has been designed to consolidate the entire prospecting experience in HubSpot, helping sales reps stay organized, focused, and productive.

The workspace is a game-changer for sales reps who prospect in HubSpot. It offers a more organized and efficient way to tackle the prospecting process, which can often be overwhelming and time-consuming. With this new feature, sales reps can now organize their day efficiently, reduce distractions, and stay focused on their daily activities. They can also easily prioritize new or urgent activities requiring their attention and never miss an opportunity to engage with a lead.

One of the major advantages of the prospecting workspace is that it ties everything sales reps do to their big-picture goals. This helps them feel more confident that they can consistently generate enough opportunities to reach and exceed their business goals. For many sales reps, feeling unsure about how to prioritize tasks and manage their time is a significant challenge. By streamlining the prospecting process, HubSpot’s prospecting workspace eliminates those concerns and empowers sales reps to be more productive than ever before.

To learn more about how to implement this feature, visit the HubSpot Knowledge Base.

Note: This feature is currently in Public Beta and is available to Sales Hub Pro+ customers

Service Hub

Global capacity limits for live chat agents

The new Global Capacity Limits for Live Chat Agents feature has been designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of live chat support, ensuring that agents are not automatically assigned chats when they are over their capacity limit.

The capacity limits feature is a huge win for live chat support teams who often struggle to manage the high volume of incoming chats. With this new feature, team leaders can set a global capacity limit, which restricts the number of chats an agent can handle at any given time. When an agent reaches their limit, they will no longer be automatically assigned new chats, ensuring that they can provide quality support to every customer they engage with. Additionally, the feature helps maintain consistent response times across the team, which improves the overall service experience for customers.

From a team management perspective, Global Capacity Limits for Live Chat Agents helps to improve efficiency and productivity. Team leaders no longer have to manually monitor the chat volume of individual agents and assign chats accordingly. The new feature takes care of everything automatically, freeing up leaders to focus on other important tasks.

To learn more please visit the HubSpot Knowledge Base.

Note: this feature is available for Service Hub Enterprise customers only.

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