Why You Need a Video Marketing Strategy

By Ashley Allen October 13, 2023

According to Hubspot research, “People are watching more video online than ever before – in fact, the amount of online video they watch has almost doubled since 2018.” From Tik-Tok to YouTube, we’ve transitioned to a video-first society, and marketers that aren’t investing in a video marketing strategy risk getting left behind.

Videos explain things quickly and keep people engaged. They perform well on social media, boost SEO, and have a fantastic return on investment. Follow along as we deep-dive into why your brand needs a video marketing strategy.

Table of contents

    1. Videos Keep People Engaged
    2. Videos Perform Well on Social Media
    3. Search Engines love Videos
    4. See a High ROI with Video Marketing

Videos keep people engaged 

A video can quickly and easily explain subjects that would be incredibly difficult to grasp otherwise. When trying to change a flat tire on the highway, would you rather read 15 pages of your car’s manual or watch a two-minute YouTube video? That’s a no-brainer. An informative video will explain your brand faster than other forms of media could.

Most people look at screens all day long, and they might be too tired to do a deep dive into your brand on their own. By transforming your content into an entertaining and easy-to-digest video, you are more likely to keep your audience engaged. You are much more likely to convert a potential customer into a lead if you can hold their attention.

Things like live streams and webinars have opened new doors to customer engagement. Before online live events, you’d have to book a stadium to talk with millions of your biggest fans at one time. Now you can hop on Facebook Live and be in front of your audience in seconds. Live video platforms allow people to put a face to a name to strengthen brand loyalty and build trust.

Videos perform well on social media 

Social media has made it possible for popular videos to spread like wildfire. It’s not uncommon for a viral video to take the world by storm; maybe it’s a skier running away from a bear or a goat and chicken that are best friends. Brands that can replicate the viral video phenomenon get unlimited exposure for a relatively low cost.

You don’t always have to get your video into viral video territory to see results. A fun video posted to your social accounts will keep you top of mind with your audience, and you’ll even get an extra boost if they decide to share your video.

Search engines love videos

Marketers who have started adding video content to their websites have seen a 250% increase in organic traffic. Google has started ranking websites with videos higher because people are more likely to click on a snippet that contains a video. Using video can get you a higher ranking on the SERP and help you outrank competitors that don’t optimize with video. Videos also keep people on your site longer, reducing your bounce rate and helping your SEO overall.

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See a high ROI with video marketing  

According to a Wyzowl study, 94% of marketers said users understood their product better after watching a brand video. 93% felt that videos helped increase their brand awareness. 87% of marketers felt that their video marketing strategy increased traffic, and 81% felt that videos helped increase sales directly. These metrics show that marketers see results with video marketing.

A small budget might have you stressed that you wouldn’t keep up with a video marketing strategy. The great thing about video marketing production is that you don’t need to buy a bunch of fancy equipment to get started. Smartphones and tablets have impressive cameras these days, and they might be all you need to shoot a high-quality video.</p

Marketers feel more confident than ever that video marketing will increase audience traffic, leads, and sales. As the marketing world gets increasingly video-based, now is the time to invest in the perfect video marketing strategy.

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