Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is useful marketing. Inbound marketing adds value to your customer’s life. Inbound marketing is available at the moment your target audience searches for a solution. Inbound marketing means your website attracts visitors with solutions instead of trying to interrupt prospects’ lives as traditional marketing so often does with billboards, direct mail, or (gasp!) telemarketing.

In a very basic sense, an inbound marketing system helps you attract the right potential customers to your website by providing valuable content and solutions to their problems and challenges, converting those prospects as leads when they visit your website, and then closing leads as sales. It should be repeatable, measurable, and easy to adjust.

How Does This Magic Work?

Components of inbound marketing systems normally include content marketing such as business blogging or white papers, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and measurement. It starts with an inbound marketing strategy tailored to your business goals, your company’s resources, and the challenges your buyer personas face.

Our inbound marketing services include inbound marketing strategy, inbound marketing retainer support, campaign management, inbound marketing audits, marketing automation software management, and more. We’re also a Platinum Certified HubSpot Partner!

If you’re looking for a social media campaign or advice on how to get more Twitter followers, check out Raka’s social media marketing services as well.


Raka’s inbound marketing agency gets to know your business, your marketing goals, and your target audiences. We perform a competitive analysis to help you identify opportunities. We document your company’s brand voice. We define your buyer personas. We identify keywords for your blog posts. We tell you how to use social media. We then deliver it all in a custom inbound marketing plan that your marketing team can implement. Or, you can choose to work with Raka for ongoing inbound marketing support. Want to get started now? Check out these tips for your digital marketing budget.


Raka is an inbound marketing agency based in NH with offices in Boston. Our full team of strategists, designers, SEO copywriters, social media managers, and website developers support your internal marketing department or serve as your external marketing department. Our inbound marketing retainer services give your business a set number of hours each month so we can help you develop a database of quality leads. We plan your editorial calendar, write and design original content, and manage your social media or email marketing, all with transparent, actionable reporting.

Content Marketing

Your inbound marketing needs may start and end with “business blogging.” Or you may just need a white paper produced with original writing and design. Need help launching your webinar series, sending press releases, or designing an infographic? Work with Raka as a content marketing agency to help you run inbound marketing campaigns or to create content on a regular basis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEO is the process of helping your website get found in search engines when people search for the terms you want to target. Raka helps your website get found online by focusing on three key phases: understanding your target audience and your company’s goals; helping you implement a content and site architecture strategy; and measuring your website’s performance to help guide adjustments. Our SEO services include website development, reporting and data analysis, and using a variety of subscription tools such as Moz Analytics to manage your website’s SEO health.

Live Event, On-Site Marketing

Trade shows, conferences, or national sales kick-offs can be golden opportunities for your company to expand online reach, build a community, and strengthen your position as a thought leader. Raka can help you prepare ahead of time, plan the best use of your team’s time at an event, and measure the results or your marketing activity during an event.

Inbound Marketing Consulting

If your website is falling short of being an inbound marketing asset but you’re not sure how to fix it, Raka can provide inbound marketing consulting to assess how your site’s working and what you can do to make it a lead-generation machine. We deliver an actionable report that your team or ours can use to make development, editorial, or design changes to improve your inbound marketing system.


If your company has an inbound marketing system in place but you’re having trouble generating content on a regular basis, Raka can offer training sessions to help you develop your content marketing skills. Raka’s inbound marketing training services include blogging instruction, search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing training.